Rigging and Lifting Gear

CAROL maintains an extensive inventory of specialized and standard BTH rigging gear, which is certified and ready to be deployed on any project, anywhere in the world. CAROL’s custom designed CHART-UR-BAR™ SPREADER SYSTEMS are the most preferred in the industry for their effectiveness and ease of use. Our capacity charts, which are broken down in one-foot increments, help clients easily identify which system best meets their lift requirements.

Whether you are facing a complex, critical lift or you just need a quick turnaround on a rental, we pride ourselves on providing the highest value in the industry.

CHART-UR-BAR™ Spreader Systems

  • CHART-UR-BAR™ SPREADER FRAMES (30 & 45 Degree)
  • Lifting Beams
  • OCTA-Lifter
  • OCTA-Spreader
  • HEXA-Lifter
  • HEXA-Spreader
  • HEPTA-Lifter
  • PENTA-Lifter
  • PENTA-Spreader
  • TRI-Spreader
  • Rolling Blocks

Complete line of Rigging & Lifting Devices

  • Wire Rope Slings / Grommets
  • Slings 3-Part and 9-Part
  • Shackles
  • Rolling Blocks
  • Tri-Links
  • Turnbuckles
  • Master Links
  • Links
  • Link Plates
  • Pad Eyes / Lifting Lugs
  • Bales - Key Hole Bales, Lifting Bales, Trunions with Bales
  • Chain fall
  • Pipe stands
  • Stack Rings
  • Swivels

Lifting Baskets – Various Sizes

  • Personnel Baskets
  • Material Baskets
  • Rigging Storage
  • Skip Pans


  • Hardwood Timber Mats (Mora)
  • Steel Mats